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We’re at Anime Expo!

Hi everyone, we’re teaching people to play the demo version of Danmaku!! at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, if you’re there come by to play with us!

Danmaku! and Greetings from AnimeFest!

Hello to everyone we’ve met at AnimeFest in Dallas! Thanks to all of you who played our new game Danmaku!

Danmaku is a card game inspired by the popular bullet hell shooter series, Touhou. Players take on roles such as the Heroine, Boss, and EX Boss and sling bullets and spell cards to meet their objective.

I’m really excited about this project because we’re almost ready to release a demo to the public! We’ve completed the rules for the base set and our first expansion and we’re doing final play testing here at AnimeFest. So far people love it!

The next steps in this project is to write up the instruction manual and publish a free Print-To-Play version of the base set. Anyone who wants to print a playable version can do so by downloading the PDF files, or if you want to customize it with your own art, you can download the source files we’ve created in the Magic Set Editor software.

One of the biggest hurdles left is to create art for the cards. We use placeholder art for our testing, but we will need to commission over 50 new pieces of artwork before we can officially print and distribute Danmaku. Along with the cost of physically printing and distributing the cards, this could be a challenge, so we are currently looking at our options for funding this project.

We look forward to bringing this game to future anime conventions, especially when it’s done and we have a copy that people can bring home with them. In the meantime, we will post updates here.

KiriKiri English Development

Happy new year, everyone. It’s been a while since we’ve had an update.

As we’ve mentioned in various places, we are working on an English version of the open source Japanese visual novel/adventure game engine KiriKiri/KAG, which we’ve dubbed Kage-Kirie. We’ve been so focused on finishing our first major project Flight of Twilight that we haven’t gone out of our way to promote our websites, so it came as a little bit of a surprise when we found out that the English Wikipedia page for KiriKiri started linking here. Our work on translating KiriKiri/KAG has mostly been going around via word of mouth, but now is a good time to explain what is going on.

Much of the information here is explained in greater detail on the project wiki for Kage-Kirie, located at

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The Parasol Festival: Bittersweet Blossom

Carrot once said to me “Don’t make a joke unless you’re prepared to follow through.”

This is the result of not following his advice.
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Goodness we are terrible bloggers.

I’m going to do this informally, because trying to be formal assures that it doesn’t get done.

Note: I got RSS fixed
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New Year

Carrot & I promised ourselves that we would not talk about Flight of Twilight more than we actually worked on it. A bit of a problem with this is that we’ve been so busy working on the project that we are too exhausted to spend much time talking about it. But tonight I hope to rectify that.

Flower Garden BG

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Moving House

We’ve finished moving to our new host Dreamhost and so far they’ve been a great host.

However, a few kinks appeared in the move. Please bear with us while we work them out.

In order to avoid a boring status update, I’ve brought you a treat today.

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Designing realistic environments from scratch

Rosetta is a small town nestled in the mountains, caught between the modern world and antiquity. Its natural places remain largely untouched, even when civilization brushes up against them.

We wanted an environment that depicted the place where the city of Rosetta met the forests of Rosetta. It was natural that this would be a transition environment, a place the characters pass when moving from one area to another. For this we chose a simple road on the mountain’s edge.

“Simple” is one of those famous last words.

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Background art from photographs

Mystery Parfait is a small team and we’re always looking for ways to shorten our development time. Before a final sketch is made, art pieces go through an initial design process. Because it’s easier to change things at this stage, our goal is to get most of the edits out of the way before continuing on to sketch, line art, and color.

For complicated backgrounds, this process can turn into a real nightmare. Perspective is hard and half the team tends to be picky. For this and other reasons, we decided to get photo references for backgrounds and modify them as needed.
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History of Mystery Parfait part 1

As part of an ongoing devblog series on Mystery Parfait, I’d like to talk about how the group and the project got their start.

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