We’ve finished moving to our new host Dreamhost and so far they’ve been a great host.

However, a few kinks appeared in the move. Please bear with us while we work them out.

In order to avoid a boring status update, I’ve brought you a treat today.

Your Tara evolved into CHOCOTARA

Your Tara evolved into CHOCOTARA

6 Responses to “Moving House”

  1. Phantasmal Reality Says:

    But can your Chocotara beat my Roostor? (South Park reference there) 😉

  2. Moogs Says:

    I’ve got a Berryalyssa and a Lemonvivi in reserve, you can’t beat my delta attack!

  3. spam victim Says:

    Sorry for this question, because is not related with the post. I saw a comments from you in the “Peter’s antispam image” forum regarding the captcha plugin. I have the same problem: the image does not show up. As I can see now you finally solved the problem. How did you do it?


  4. Moogs Says:

    We actually gave up and are currently using SI CAPTCHA for antispam. You might have better luck with that one.

  5. Phantasmal Reality Says:

    Bring on the delta attack! (Mainly because I want to see your Berryalyssa and Lemonviv) 😛

  6. spam victim Says:

    Thank you!
    SI CAPTCHA works!