Touhou: Danmaku!!
“Danmaku” is the Japanese term for curtain fire, or bullet hell style shooting games, including the popular series of top-down shooting games Touhou. Danmaku!! is a card game for 4-7 players based on the characters and setting used in these games. Each player has a hidden role with their own victory condition, and they fight each other by shooting and grazing each others’ shots. Will the heroine and her partners win, will the bosses succeed in taking down the heroine, or will things go the way of the secret EX Boss?

For more information, please visit the Danmaku!! homepage.

Flight of Twilight
Mystery Parfait’s first major project, Flight of Twilight is a visual novel game for the PC platform written by and for an English-speaking audience. Play as Kaiden Andrews, who returns home to Rosetta after spending six years rehabilitation from a childhood accident. He reunites with his sister, Alyssa, and meets two other colorful characters, Tara and Vivienne. However, things have changed; Rosetta is not the town he once knew, and a growing conspiracy threatens to separate him and his sister once again.

For more information, please visit the Flight of Twilight homepage.

KiriKiri English
As part of creating a visual novel game for use primarily by English-speaking users, Mystery Parfait has begun creating a working localization of the free, open source visual novel engline KiriKiri/KAG. For more information about the KiriKiri Translation Project or KiriKiri English, please see the Kage-Kirie project page or read our FAQ.
The Parasol Festival: Bittersweet Blossom
The Parasol Festival is the light hearted tale of Anise Quintilli, an apprentice merchant who falls in love with her childhood friend Lynae. As they came of age, the older Lynae left to become a traveling merchant, leaving behind Anise who was never able to convey her feelings. Now Lynae has returned for The Parasol Festival, and Anise has three days with her, three long days that will determine both of their futures.