■Welcome to Mystery Parfait

Welcome to Mystery Parfait!

We’re a doujin (amateur) software circle with members in North and South America. Here you can read about our current projects, our staff, and read our development blog. Since it’s probably what you’re here for, here is a quick introduction to our first project, Flight of Twilight:

Mystery Parfait’s first major project, Flight of Twilight is a visual novel game for the PC platform written by and for an English-speaking audience. Play as Kaiden Andrews, who returns home to Rosetta after spending six years rehabilitation from a childhood accident. He reunites with his sister, Alyssa, and meets two other colorful characters, Tara and Vivienne. However, things have changed; Rosetta is not the town he once knew, and a growing conspiracy threatens to separate him and his sister once again.

Exciting stuff. If you have questions you can email us at contact@mysteryparfait.com.

■Latest Devblog:

Hi everyone, we’re teaching people to play the demo version of Danmaku!! at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, if you’re there come by to play with us!

■Latest News:

Hi everyone, we’re teaching people to play the demo version of Danmaku!! at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, if you’re there come by to play with us!

Danmaku!! is a Touhou-inspired card game being developed by Mystery Parfait. At long last, the official homepage for Danmaku!! is up and can be found at http://danmaku.mysteryparfait.com/. There you can read about the project, learn the rules, or download a trial version of the cards that you can print and play yourself! Check it out now!

Also, we’ve opened official MP pages on various social media sites, so you can follow us on your favorite service!

Hello to everyone we’ve met at AnimeFest in Dallas! Thanks to all of you who played our new game Danmaku!

Danmaku is a card game inspired by the popular bullet hell shooter series, Touhou. Players take on roles such as the Heroine, Boss, and EX Boss and sling bullets and spell cards to meet their objective.

I’m really excited about this project because we’re almost ready to release a demo to the public! We’ve completed the rules for the base set and our first expansion and we’re doing final play testing here at AnimeFest. So far people love it!

The next steps in this project is to write up the instruction manual and publish a free Print-To-Play version of the base set. Anyone who wants to print a playable version can do so by downloading the PDF files, or if you want to customize it with your own art, you can download the source files we’ve created in the Magic Set Editor software.

One of the biggest hurdles left is to create art for the cards. We use placeholder art for our testing, but we will need to commission over 50 new pieces of artwork before we can officially print and distribute Danmaku. Along with the cost of physically printing and distributing the cards, this could be a challenge, so we are currently looking at our options for funding this project.

We look forward to bringing this game to future anime conventions, especially when it’s done and we have a copy that people can bring home with them. In the meantime, we will post updates here.