I’m going to do this informally, because trying to be formal assures that it doesn’t get done.

Note: I got RSS fixed

Unfortunately Bunny had to quit because of the economy, so we still don’t have a composer. We’re going to put that on the back burner now, as we’ve got a lot of other work to do.

You got: Readers!
The first path is completely written and we’ll be getting feedback from our readers soon.

Framework Crafted
We’ve also started programming the first arc, which has involved a lot of programming to build our own kind of framework within KrKr/KAG. This framework primarily does things like turn this:

[image storage="aut_3579" layer=base page=back]
[image top=40 left=350 storage="af02ab_Smile" page=back layer=2 visible=true opacity=255]
[trans method=universal rule="wavy" vague=1 time=0]
Alyssa: "So I was thinking..." [p][er]

Into this:

[bg loc="AlyssasApartment"]
[Alyssa face="Smile"]So I was thinking...[p]

Special Effects

Lighting Demo

The framework also does things like automatic lighting conversions for sprites

In addition to the above and other things, the framework makes the user interface you see in this picture work. Deji did the graphic design, please tell her it’s awesome; because it is and because she doesn’t like graphic design but she did it anyway and it took a lot of of her.

Edit: RSS feed fixed! Woohoo!

One Response to “Goodness we are terrible bloggers.”

  1. David R. Says:

    Beautiful code and artwork. You guys are doing some fantastic work. I can’t wait to see it all pay off for you.