Frequently Asked Questions

This page serves as as an ongoing collection of information about Mystery Parfait and our projects.

About Mystery Parfait:

  1. What is Mystery Parfait?
  2. What is a doujin circle?
  3. What does Mystery Parfait do?
  4. Who is in Mystery Parfait?
  5. Who is Parfait-tan?

About our projects:

  1. What are your projects?
  2. What is a visual novel?
  3. What is KiriKiri? What is KAG?
  4. When will ______ be done?
About Mystery Parfait

What is Mystery Parfait?

Mystery Parfait is a doujin circle established to create visual novel games. Though we are amateurs, we strive to make professional products.

What is a doujin circle?

A doujin circle is basically an amateur group of people who work together to create a product – in our case, visual novels. Our members are either students or have full-time jobs and work on Mystery Parfait in our free time.

What does Mystery Parfait do?

Mystery Parfait is currently working on our first major project, Flight of Twilight Our immediate goal for this game is to create one of the first original professional quality visual novels in English. To this end we are also working on a tool set by translating an existing free visual novel engine, KiriKiri. Once Flight of Twilight is finished, we may bring the game to a wider audience by translating it to other languages.

Who is in Mystery Parfait?

Mystery Parfait is a global project, with members in many different countries. We collaborate online to assign tasks and make decisions about the direction of the product. For a rundown of our current members, please see our staff members page.

Who is Parfait-tan?

Momo Parfait
Height: 20.5 cm
Weight: 0.32 kg
Age: ??
Magic: ♦♦♦♦
Speed: ♦♦♦
Appetite: ♦♦♦♦♦

Parfait-tan is our team mascot. She’s an ice cream fairy who loves to spread joy and happiness through sweet treats. However, she’s also kind of a glutton and might end up eating any ice cream she intends to give. Despite her small size, she can eat a full gallon of ice cream a day. Nobody knows where it all goes.

About our projects

What are your projects?

Currently we are developing Flight of Twilight, an English language visual novel. To this end we are also working on a translation of the KiriKiri/KAG engine, which is a free tool for creating visual novels. For more information on these or other projects, see our projects page.

What is a visual novel?

A visual novel is a particular genre of video game which is incredibly popular in Japan but rather unknown in the west. These games present the player with a deep, interactive story accompanied by beautiful illustrations. Typically, you play as the main character, seeing through their eyes and making choices for them that steer the course of the story. Today, many very successful anime series got their start as visual novels, including Kanon, AIR, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, and Fate/Stay Night. You can read more about the visual novel genre at Wikipedia.

What is KiriKiri? What is KAG?

KiriKiri is a Free (as in beer) scripting engine and environment created by a Japanese programmer, W.Dee. KiriKiri provides a framework that allows developers to create game engines, and handles loading and manipulation of sound, graphics, text, and script files. KAG is an engine created using the KiriKiri scripting language specifically for the creation of Visual Novel games. Game creators use yet another kind of script file that KAG will run that contains all the game text, events, and triggers. Basically, people who create visual novels use KAG, which in turn runs on KiriKiri. The translation project is a fork off of KiriKiri 2.28/KAG 3.28.

When will ______ be done?

The short answer is: It’ll be done when it’s done.

The long answer revolves around the nature of a doujin circle. As there are only a small number of people working in their spare time, we can’t expect to complete the game as fast as a company full of employees working full-time. That said, we are looking more to ensure we have a decent product at the end rather than trying to get it done quickly.