Carrot & I promised ourselves that we would not talk about Flight of Twilight more than we actually worked on it. A bit of a problem with this is that we’ve been so busy working on the project that we are too exhausted to spend much time talking about it. But tonight I hope to rectify that.

Flower Garden BG

Flower Garden BG

We now have dozens of environments, not including specific backgrounds for special scenes which get their own unique images.

Character Sprites

We have a colorful cast of characters. Here you can see most of them, the only important one left out here is Kaiden, but most of the game is from his perspective.

Kaiden & Alyssa Hugging

We’ve got some great scenes, both visually and in prose. Speaking of which, the script is huge! Carrot’s done an excellent job with it, I would show you but OMG SPOILERS.


We hired Bunny as a composer, she’s been working on samples and our first soundtrack piece. We’ve had trouble getting a composer so we’re extremely excited about the stuff she’s given us so far. I’ll get her staff entry up soon, we forgot to get her some profile text. Whoops.

Girl Cookie Totem

Special thanks goes out to David Raco (aka Phantasmal Reality), who sent us kind words during the holidays. Thanks David, here are the cookies you asked for!

In addition we’ve been translating the KAG-Kirikiri Engine and Documentation and wikifying it. Our public repository isn’t quite ready yet, but if you would like a half-translated version of the engine, give me an email [moogs at mysteryparfait com] and I’ll get something to you.

We’re still chugging along, we haven’t become Vaporware yet! That’s all for now, I hope you all have a happy new year!

4 Responses to “New Year”

  1. Phantasmal Reality Says:

    I am so glad that my little holiday e-mail brought you some encouragement–or at least I hope it did–and I’m deeply honored that you mentioned me in your post. It’s more than I deserve, really. Not that I’ll turn down the cookies. I have waited for them far, far too long to do that. (And in case you’re wondering, the wait was totally worth it. Thank you!) ^_^

    It’s good to see that you guys are still chugging along and have not become Vaporware. (What’s with this “yet” business?) It looks like you’ve been busy from what you posted, and what you’ve shown is encouraging. I’m glad you guys are taking your time and trying to make your visual novel as good as it can be; it takes that kind of commitment to produce something on the same level as what gets produced in Japan. And I have no doubts that you guys can do it.

    Looking forward to seeing more from your group in the future,


    P.S. I still cannot express how cool it is that you guys are working on an English translation of KAG-Kirikiri. Seriously, you guys are like my heroes. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Julia Says:

    are you guys still working on this? it’s been nearly ten months since this entry.

  3. Moogs Says:

    We are Julia.

    I infact just posted a small update.

  4. toffee_ Says:

    Just wanting to comment that, even if i’m a new fan, i’m rooting for you guys! With stunning art and other visuals, i’m really looking forward to this game! <3