Devblog at Mystery Parfait
Enter the devblog

It took a while to figure out what was broken with my template for WordPress. It’s not very pretty how I have everything cobbled together, but that’s what happens when you take an existing software package and try to ham-hand it into your website mold. It’s not bad right now, I think, and maybe about 80% functional. At least, we can get things working how I want without too much force-feeding.

But that’s not what I came here to talk about. As you’ll notice, the devblog is working. This is sort of our promise to people that yes, we are in fact making progress. Hopefully we will update it once a week to once a month with new snippets of what we are working on.


So we’re making some really nice progress since peach joined us =3 Her linearts are lovely (did I mention that already?) So I’m getting more things to color each time! =D
I tried a new coloring technique in one of the event CGs, mainly because I didn’t have a generic light and it was a “night” shot, and it came out really nice =3 I might reuse the technique for that kind of events later on =3
Right now I have to sketch a pose set and a BG. Modeling the Bgs in 3d is really fun, but to sketch/lineart over them is not as much XD; I don’t have that much patience when it comes to detailing things ^^;

I hope I’ll be free of my college project in the end of March, so I’ll be able to work more for FoT!and make lots of event Cgs and stuff, so we can have our demo released soon and finish our game in a not-so-long time X3

I want moar pretty linearts to color!!!!!

We have a new member! =D

So! We finally got ourselves an Assistant Artist to lessen the workload on Toi and me!
Peach is a talented artist as well! She’ll be of great help for us =D
Her linearts are so pretty! And she’s fast! *ish happy*
I also got more work to do, yay! XD; I managed to level up and I’ll be helping toi with interior BGs.
That means my work is:
– Coloring character art (sprites and event CGs)
– Interior planning and linearting
– Sketching ero-scenes
– Sketching other event CGs (Along with Toi and Peach)

But everybody does a bit of everything, really XD;
After a long period of adaptation and such, we finally found a way to work as a team to produce the art pieces ^^ It works better than one would expect, actually =3
I’m really looking forward to what the “Art Team” will be able to produce in the near future! =D
Watch out, guys, the girls are coming and we’re gonna kick ass~~