■Kage-Kirie Project Page

The Kage-Kirie project was formed to create an English-language version of the free Japanese visual novel tools KiriKiri and KAG.

KiriKiri is a platform for creating multimedia applications and games created by W.Dee. KiriKiri Adventure Game, or KAG for short, is an engine written in KiriKiri’s custom scripting language to create games such as visual novels, adventure games, and dating sims. Developers can write their own games using the simple KAG Script files and HTML-like markup tags, or go deep into the system, editing the core game files to provide custom functionality. Because everything is open source, developers are free to edit it in any way they see fit.

Kage-Kirie is a distribution of KAG and KiriKiri that replaces all of the default menu text that is in Japanese, as well as solving some of the bugs that make English games unplayable, such as adding support for proper word wrapping. Because the system is open source, developers can continue to modify the files to suit their game’s specific needs.

You can download the alpha version of Kage-Kirie here.

Also, because we are busy with our own projects, these files come without support of any kind. Unfortunately, all of the documentation was lost.

Those familiar with Japanese can view the original Japanese documentation below.