So! We finally got ourselves an Assistant Artist to lessen the workload on Toi and me!
Peach is a talented artist as well! She’ll be of great help for us =D
Her linearts are so pretty! And she’s fast! *ish happy*
I also got more work to do, yay! XD; I managed to level up and I’ll be helping toi with interior BGs.
That means my work is:
– Coloring character art (sprites and event CGs)
– Interior planning and linearting
– Sketching ero-scenes
– Sketching other event CGs (Along with Toi and Peach)

But everybody does a bit of everything, really XD;
After a long period of adaptation and such, we finally found a way to work as a team to produce the art pieces ^^ It works better than one would expect, actually =3
I’m really looking forward to what the “Art Team” will be able to produce in the near future! =D
Watch out, guys, the girls are coming and we’re gonna kick ass~~