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Challengers, they always appear

After enduring interviews and kicking butt on our art exam, FlyingPeachBun joins Mystery Parfait. She is filling the roll of assistant artist, but with her talent and speed I’m sure we’ll find some extra work for her.

This is her deviantArt page, where you can commission her, thereby distracting her from this project with real money.
FlyingPeachBun @ deviantArt

I’ll whip her into making a staff page sometime soon.

Recruiting: Artist Assistant

Mystery Parfait is currently searching for a new member to add to our team. We are looking for dedicated individuals to work with our other two artists to create resources for our visual novel project, Flight of Twilight.

The applicant’s duties include creating final inked line art and base coloring on images, working together with the other artists. Other tasks include, but aren’t limited to creating concept sketches, scene layouts, and designs.


  • Experience creating anime-style CG art
  • Able to create crisp production-quality line art (digital inking is preferred)
  • Able to draw in a variety of styles or match an existing style
  • Must be 18 years or older


  • Good communication skills

  • Solid internet connection
  • Experience working on collaborations

Applicants must work closely with other artists, so regular, reliable communication is essential. All of our members are responsible for providing their own tools, though we’ll help everyone get set up as much as possible.

As Mystery Parfait deals with mature subject matters at times, all applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years old. This is not a paid position, but we need dedicated individuals who are willing to spend roughly 10 hours per week on the project, so please, only serious candidates apply.

To apply, send an email to Please include an introduction as well as links to examples of your work.

Mystery Parfait website launched!

Mystery Parfait officially announces the opening of It is, pretty much as the front page describes, a place to describe our group and our projects. In the future we will add more sections as they become relevant.

Please send all inquiries to