So we’re making some really nice progress since peach joined us =3 Her linearts are lovely (did I mention that already?) So I’m getting more things to color each time! =D
I tried a new coloring technique in one of the event CGs, mainly because I didn’t have a generic light and it was a “night” shot, and it came out really nice =3 I might reuse the technique for that kind of events later on =3
Right now I have to sketch a pose set and a BG. Modeling the Bgs in 3d is really fun, but to sketch/lineart over them is not as much XD; I don’t have that much patience when it comes to detailing things ^^;

I hope I’ll be free of my college project in the end of March, so I’ll be able to work more for FoT!and make lots of event Cgs and stuff, so we can have our demo released soon and finish our game in a not-so-long time X3

I want moar pretty linearts to color!!!!!